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Heraldic Deep One and Yith created by Allen Berman, a.k.a. King Alanus the First of Bermania .
Knit Yith (Knithian) by Samantha Lynn . will be giving one of these terrifying yet cuddly entities away (not this one, he is mine) and sharing the pattern in early April.

It turns out one advantage of being a published author is the excuse to beg talented friends to make art of your favorite under-portrayed organisms. Stay tuned for a novel about the Burgess Shale and hallucigenia.

Deleted Scenes

Author's Note . I initially framed Winter Tide as a "fictionalized history" being written by a modern professor at Miskatonic. I cut this, both because I didn't need to make my divergences from Lovecraftian canon quite that explicit, and because I didn't want to tie myself to a specific timeline.

The Innsmouth Legacy series plays chicken with history. At some point the existence of a little extra geography in Massachusetts, and a few extra human sub-species, will push us out of secret history and into alternate history. I'm having fun seeing how long that takes, and this scene fell prey to my suspicion that it'll happen before the turn of the 21st century.